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བཟི (Wyl: bzi) lit. “intoxication”, zi-effect, psychoactive effect of some medicines which contain potent ingredients such as aconite and others.

The presence or absence of the zi-effect and its intensity is an important feature of Tibetan medicines. In the description of Tibetan medicines are mentioned four degrees of the zi-effect:

  • བཟི་མེད (Wyl: bzi med) without zi-effect;
  • བཟི་ཅུང་ཡོད (Wyl: bzi cung yod) or ཅུང་བཟི (Вайли: cung bzi) weak zi-effect;
  • བཟི་འབྲིང (Wyl: bzi ‘bring) medium zi-effect;
  • བཟི་ཆེ (Wyl: bzi che) strong zi-effect;

In general medicines with zi-effect (especially strong or medium) are not appointed to young children, pregnant and lactating women and with caution – to elderly patients.